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Battle of the place-name-signs in Carinthia, 1972
Dual-language signs are torn down by German-National Carinthians during the night.
© Votava, Vienna
Minority rights 1984
While politicians were holding a party-summit to discuss the question of minority rights in Carinthia, Slovenes from Carinthia were demonstrating in front of the Bundeskanzleramt (seat of the Austrian Federal Chancellor).
© Votava, Vienna
Demonstration for bilingualism, 1985
Vienna, Parliament
© Robert Newald
Oberwart 1995
Place name sign, "Oberwart", with mourning lights after the bomb attack on the Roma settlement, which killed 4 people, 14.2.1995
© Votava, Vienna
Oberwart bomb
The sign "Roma (go) back to India", that Franz Fuchs attached to the Oberwart bomb (Burgenland)
© Robert Newald
Roma Settlement 1997
Renovated section of the Roma Settlement in Oberwart (Burgenland)
© Robert Newald
Action art work by Poeter C. Siegl, 2001
In connection with ongoing discussion of dual language place-name-signs in Carinthia following the decision by the Constitutional Court the artist pasted over several signs on various entrances to the city. (In December 2001 the Constitutional Court ...
Source: Poeter C. Siegl poeter.at
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