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Die Vier im Jeep (The Four in the Jeep)
Inter-Allied military patrol, undated. In the last weeks of the second world war, Allied troops occupied all of Austria. A definitive division of the zones of occupation followed ? after the capitulation of the German Reich on the 7th-8th of May, 194...
Source: Klomfar, Vienna
Occupation of Vienna
The division of the zones of occupation between the Allied powers called for a joint administration of the 1st district. The remaining districts were split up between the four Allied powers as follows: the Soviet Union: 2,4,10,20,21; the United State...
Source: Institute for Contemporary History, University of Vienna, Photo-Archive
Withdrawal of Soviet soldiers
The deadline for the withdrawal of forces, stipulated in the state treaty of the 15th of May 1955, came on the 25th of October 1955. Therefore, the last soldier did not leave Austria on the 26th of October - the current date of the Austrian national ...
Source: Klomfar, Vienna
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