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Ein echter Österreicher (A real Austrian)
ÖVP (Austrian People's Party) poster for the parliamentary elections in 1970: it alludes to the Jewish descent of Bruno Kreisky who stood as candidate for chancellor for the SPÖ (SPÖ: Austrian Socialist Party)
Agency: Wiener Stadt-und Landesbibliothek (Vienna Municipal and Regional Library)
Picturebook Austrian?
Poster by Christian Ludwig Attersee in response to the Austrian People's Party publicity campaign for the parliamentary elections in 1970
© Christian Ludwig Attersee, Vienna
Two True Austrians
FPÖ poster for the 1999 elections to the National Assembly, depicting Jörg Haider and Thomas Prinzhorn. This poster was issued amongst others displaying slogans such as "Stop dem Assymissbrauch" ("Stop the misuse of asylum-seeking") or "Stop der Ü...
Source: Austrian National Library, Department of Broadsheets, Posters and Ex Libris
© Demokratiezentrum Wien

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