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Austrian Newsreel signation from the 50's and 60's
In the course of its long running time, (1949-1982), the Austrian Newsreel changed its signation several times.
Source: Filmarchiv Austria
Austrian Newsreel signation for special colour editions
The Austrian Newsreel was primarily filed in black and white; since its inception in 1949, up to its cessation in 1982. Special editions though - like that of 1955 to commemorate the Austrian state treaty - were produced in colour.
Source: Filmarchiv Austria
Signation of the "Weltjournal"
The "Weltjournal" ran from 1954 to 1971 parallel to the Austria Wochenschau, it featured predominantly international news.
Source: Filmarchiv Austria
20th Century Fox Newsreel signation

Source: Filmarchiv Austria
Scope signation
As the successor of the Austrian Newsreel, "Scope" took to Austrian cinemas in 1982. It was succeeded in 1985, by "Hallo Kino".
Source: Filmarchiv Austria
"Hallo Kino" signation
"Hallo Kino" ran from 1985 to 1994 in Austrian cinemas, and acted as a show that publicized new movies by means of a trailer, and interviews with guests from the entertainment industry. New shows were produced first weekly, then every fourteen days, ...
Source: Filmarchiv Austria
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