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State treaty as a media event, 1955
To ensure the media coverage of such an important event as the signing of the state treaty in 1955, reporters had to be provided with the appropriate infrastructure. Only through the supply of phones one could get connected to the world. Therefore, m...
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News coverage of the signing of the state treaty
The signing of the state treaty on the 15th of May, 1955, brought about significant media interest. Both local and foreign correspondents reported on this key (media-) event in the young Second Republic.
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Radio as source of information, 1968
Czech tourists inform themselves via radio about the situation in their native country, while still being undecided on whether they should dare to cross the border.
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First manned moon landing, 1969
The first manned moon landing in July 1969 became the number one topic on an international level. Whenever people had the possibility to watch or hear about the events in space, they took the chance and gathered in crowds.
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Vietnam War, 1973
Vietnamese children, among them little Kim Phuc, flee from American attacks. This picture, winning a price at the world press photo competition in the same year, aroused an awareness of the horrors caused by the Vietnam war. No other photo achieved s...
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Tianamen-Square/Peking, 1989
Communism crumbled not only in Europe, but also in China, where intense protests against the regime took place. Through television a world audience could follow the violent brutality used by the regime against protesters.
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Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989
Young Germans from West and East "squat" the Berlin Wall at the "Brandenbuger Tor" to achieve an opening up at this place too. Pictures that went around the world: people helping each other climbing up the wall and celebrating. These photos symbolise...
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War in Kosovo, 1999
Pictures of refugee camps, like the one shown here 25 kilometres away from Skopje, make the horrors of war evident to the world. Over several months they dominate the news.
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New York, 11th of September 2001
2 airplanes, that were hijacekd by terrorist, crash into the towers of the World Trade Center.
Source: ORF
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