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Media power

Corporate structure of the "Mediaprint"/publishing group "News"
from: Steinmaurer, Thomas, Konzentriert und verflochten. Österreichs Mediensystem im Überblick, Studien Verlag, Innsbruck/Wien/München/Bozen 2003, 30


We live in a media filled society, following the laws of media markets. The commercialisation of the media landscape is a global phenomenon, yet the media concentration in Austria still constitutes a particular case, at least in a European context.

In the second half of the 19th century, when media systems in Europe began to emerge, a diversity of newspapers and magazines was available. This trend was reversed in Austria as many newspapers gradually ceased to exist during the 2nd Republic. Moreover, a market penetration of the two leading papers of the yellow press - "Kurier" and "Neue Kronen-Zeitung" - can be notified (Steinmaurer). Therefore Austria presents itself as a country with a low variety of media, even in comparison with other European countries, and a high concentration of economical power.

Alterations and modifications in the Austrian media structure, such as tendencies of liberalisation and an opening up of the market, were most of the time a result of outward pressure, especially when it came from the European Union.

Gertraud Diendorfer
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