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Austria Wochenschau

Austrian Newsreel signation from the 50's and 60's
Source: Filmarchiv Austria

"The overwhelming majority of the segments from the Austrian Newsreel describe, both in image and sound, the accumulated self-conception of official post-war Austria, as well as the, (often only underlying), socio-political and atmospheric composition of the nation. As a key component of all cinema performances, the Austrian Newsreel contributed like no other medium, (until the inception of broadcast television), to the need for orientation and self-consciousness within the new state. It thus constituted for some time to come, image and identity of the Second Republic within the broad populace." (Ernst Kieninger, Filmarchiv Austria)

In co-operation with the Filmarchiv Austria, the Democracy Center Vienna offers select Austrian Newsreel segments online. 44 segments are available on our internet-platform, chosen in accordance with our research activities. The digital videos are presented courtesy of Filmarchiv Austria.

Gertraud Diendorfer
(Last update: 09/2003)

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