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On 1 May 2004 the European Union carried out the biggest expansion process in its history when 10 new members joined. The final form of the European Union - in regard to its political structure as well as its geographical expansion - has however not yet been reached.


Picture Atlas Europe

How do the visual perceptions of Europe come into being? What are the pictures that represent Europe? Do traditional symbols -such as the EU-flag and the €-sign - have the effect of creating identity or is this achieved rather by those pictures that make up our daily pictorial environment in the information and media society?


Europe discusses

The EU – a bureaucracy remote from its citizens? This is the image of the EU that its citizens have, and the European Union has a hard time shaking it off. The EU itself has recognized the problem: "It [the EU] has focussed largely on telling people what the EU does: less attention has been paid to listening to people’s views." (White Paper, COM(2006) 35 final, Brussels 01.02.2006, p. 4).


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