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Democracy as a political system rests on two pillars. The first one is the process of checking and criticizing the institutions in power in order to ensure ongoing development; the second is the participation of citizens and their integration in all political processes.



Europe is on the way to restructuring itself; the expansion-rounds of recent years are creating new boundaries. The European Union, which originated as an economic alliance, has become a political entity, confronted with more and more demands for greater openness, for a stronger democratization process and for increased awareness of social tasks and obligations.


Media Society

The media shapes and develops information and communication in various ways. Therefore, as the most important information provider to form public opinion, it constitutes a major part in these processes. It influences the organisation of democratic structures and induces the dialogue between citizens and politics.


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Debate Europe

Debate Europe - Citizen's Opinions on the Future of Europe


Open Access to Digital Archives and the Open Knowledge Society
Vienna, 21/22 October 2005
organized by the Democracy Center

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