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Students of the Laboratory School of Salzburg College of Education in discussion.
Source: www.polipedia.at

Participation is an important component in the functioning of democracy. The project PoliPedia.at enables young people themselves to produce materials that further political participation.

The Project, PoliPedia, is being carried out in the Democracy Center, Vienna, in cooperation with the Salzburg University Centre for Advanced Studies in Information and Communication Technologies and Society(ICTS) (ICT&S Center der Universität Salzburg). The goal of this project is not only to arouse enthusiasm in young people for democracy and politics but also to involve them as participants in political education. Under the auspices of this project, an internet-platform (www.polipedia.at) is being developed whose content is created independently by the young people and actively used by them. Thus they are becoming "prosumers," i.e., producers and consumers in one person.

The goal is to learn from and with each other (peer-to-peer), thus promoting the acquisition of knowledge within a heterogeneous user community and furthermore stimulating discussion on the topic of political education. In this platform, emphasis is put on new information and communication technologies (ICT) which can be summed up in the popular concept of social software; this makes it possible for participants to work together. The project demonstrates how modern media, above all the internet, can support political education for young people and at the same time can foster democratic discourse among them.

The Project is a component of the Democracy Initiative of the Federal Government (Demokratie-Initiative der Bundesregierung) supported by the Ministry for Education and Science. The goal of the Democracy Initiative is to make democracy into something real for young people or, one might say, to awaken pleasure in democracy and politics in the next generation. In connection with the internet site, www.entscheidend-bist-du.at, groups of experts have been set up in 6 topical areas, and they are working on firmly establishing political education and democracy-learning in schools and in teacher training institutions. The group of experts, "Innovative Democracy", which is increasingly concerned with youth participation and the involvement of "new media", is led by the managing director of the Democracy Centre, Gertraud Diendorfer; two board members of the Centre, Sieglinde Rosenberger and Ursula Maier-Rabler, also belong to this group.

Multimedia Wiki-Guide to Democracy – Politics – Participation for Young People: www.polipedia.at

Project team:
Project executing organisation: Democracy Centre Vienna
Project Director: Mag.a Getraud Diendorfer
Cooperating Partner: CT&S Center of Salzburg University, Direction Ass.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ursula Maier-Rabler, Mag. Stefan Huber, Mag.a Astrid Schmid
Project Coordinator: Mag. a Petra Mayrhofer
Project Assistant:
Georg Heller
Power Group Vienna: Christof Brandtner, Sahin Cakmak, Christoph Leschanz, Ulrike Reindl, Georg Heller

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Multimedia Wiki-Guide to Democracy – Politics – Participation for Young People (available only in German)

Entscheidend bist du! (You decide!)

Democracy Initiative of the Federal Government (available only in German)

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