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User Survey: Youth and Politics Online

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Youth are the most extensive users of Social Web and the Internet in general. This project aims to analyse how youth use political and administrative online content, especially public websites. The following questions will be answered: How do young people in Austria gain insight and information about state, government, and politics? Which role does the Internet and especially Web 2.0 play? How useful and user friendly are Austrian websites for youth to gain information on politics and administration? Which websites providing information on politics and administration do young people trust? An online survey including qualitative usability-interviews will be conducted with a representative sample of school classes (8th grade) to answer these questions.

This collaborative project between the Danube University Krems, the Demokratiezentrum Vienna and the ICT&S Center at the University of Salzburg is funded by the Austrian Ministry for Education and Culture jointly with the Austrian Chancellery in the context of the Austrian Initiative for Democracy.

The state of eLiteracy and knowledge about usage patterns of young people in gaining information on politics and state/administration matters is a precondition for better political participation in the future. This project is part of the participative society focus of the ICT&S Center.

Project Sponsor: Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture und Federal Chancellery

Cooperating Partner:
Danube University Krems,
ICT&S Center (Center for Advanced Studies and Research in Information and Communication Technologies & Society) - University of Salzburg,
Democracy Center Vienna

Danube University Krems: Dr. Peter Parycek, Noella Edelmann BA, MSc, MAS, Mag.a. Edith Huber, Andreas Wüster
Demokratiezentrum Wien: Mag.a Gertraud Diendorfer, Mag.a Maria Wirth
ICT&S Center an der Universität Salzburg: Univ.-Ass. Dr. Ursula Maier-Rabler, Mag. Christina Neumayer, Florian Niedermayr Bakk.Komm

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