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Intercultural Tracking. Pupils Research Migration (Hi)stories

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Under the research program, Sparkling Science, of the Federal Ministry for Science and Research (bm.w_f)

The Project is concerned with images of history in the minds of young people in culturally heterogeneous classroom communities. Special attention is paid in this research project to the significance of images of history and migration (hi)stories passed on and handed down in students’ families. The intention is not to contrast "young people with migration background" with "Austrian youth", but rather to examine the varied living realities of the students and their diverse cultural and social backgrounds.

Central to the research plan are the following objectives:

● Investigation of the construction, handing down and significance of images of history in the minds of students in culturally heterogeneous classes.

The Project intends to carry out fundamental research into young people’s images of history and into the way they deal with potential differences and contradictions in the classroom community situation. Profound knowledge is needed to develop educational methods that will connect with the real lives of young people.

● Shedding light on migration (hi)stories
One goal of the Project is to cast light on migration history and the individual (family) histories of young people with migration backgrounds and to foster the acceptance of these in collective sites of memory. This will take place in the classroom and, it will proceed through carefully directed communication and visualization of the research results as well as through academic networking with the schools (touring exhibits, media cooperation, integration of the research results in university teacher-training functions).

● Development of ways to conduct more inclusive instruction
The research partnership of academics, pupils and teachers offers the best basis for joint work on concrete strategies for instruction. Coming to terms with migration histories means that a topic affecting all pupils will be incorporated in their instruction or, putting it another way, the topic will be made biographically accessible to young people with migration background.

● New forms of imparting knowledge
Alongside the research work, a particular concern of the Project is the dissemination of social scientific methods and knowledge. Through an effort of reflexive-activation, the pupils themselves will slip into the role of researchers and they will present the results of their research in an exhibit and in a teaching event.

The Project Team
Project executing organisation: Democracy Centre Vienna
Project Director: Mag.a Getraud Diendorfer
Partner Schools: BG and BRG Gmünd (Mag. Helmut Kahler, Mag. Hermann), HTBLA Wien 10 (Mag.a Irene Ecker), Schulzentrum Ungargasse (HTBLA Wien 3) (Dr. Gerhard Tanzer, Mag. Herbert Pichler)
Project Assistants: Dr. Florian Oberhuber, Dr.in Christiane Hintermann, Mag.a Alena Pfoser, Dr.in Elisabeth Röhrlich

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