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Divided Memories?

This comparative research project focuses on the analyse of visual representations of 20th century European history in history textbooks from several Wastern and Western European states as well as the binational ans transnational European textbooks.



VOICE is a multilateral Comenius project funded by the European Commission. Educational experts and practitioners from Austria, Estonia, Germany, Slovenia and Turkey are collaborating in order to contribute to improving educational practice in civic education.


Living Rooms

The research project "Living Rooms: The Art of Mobilizing Belonging(s)" concerns itself with the political mobilization of belonging in Viennese social hosing complexes.


User Survey: Youth and Politics Online

Youth are the most extensive users of Social Web and the Internet in general. This project aims to analyse how youth use political and administrative online content, especially public websites.


Intercultural Tracking

The Project is concerned with images of history in the minds of young people in culturally heterogeneous classroom communities. Special attention is paid in this research project to the significance of images of history and migration (hi)stories passed on and handed down in students’ families.


Turkey - EU Accession - Media

The Project aims to clarify interactions between the official debate carried on publicly in Austria and the strikingly strong rejection of a possible Turkish EU membership in the Austrian population. Starting point for the research project is the thesis that political debates and media representations involve not only factual political arguments but also socio-cultural factors that have grown up over the years


European Political Iconography

The Project has as its topic icons as well as iconographies that have had an effect on cultural memory in 20th century Europe and thus occupy key positions in public discourses.


Dissonant Images of History?

One goal of the project is to gain and further knowledge and understanding of the historical awareness of young people with migrant backgrounds, and of the related questions of identity construction in this group. This complex of problems opens up, in Austria, completely new research territory.


Creative Access

This research project aims at developing new models and strategies for potential providers and/or uses of digital archives of cultural heritage in Vienna and at positioning these archives in the international environment. It analyses the role of digital archives as repositories and public interfaces of content produced in the Creative Industries. It focuses on the cultural, economic, legal and user aspects in order to draw a detailed picture of how digital archives may shape access to the cultural heritage of our society.



Images or rather their aggregation into icons, are of high importance by creating patterns of cultural realization, collective perceptions concerning political and social reality as well as their principles of order and structures of power. Perceptions of coherence and "difference", or "otherness", are often much more influenced by media produced visual representations than by texts and contents. Thereby the implied norms and values dominate actions and influence the political day-to-day life.


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