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Policy Areas

A standard way of illustrating EU policy areas in visual form is to depict people in situations connected to specific areas of EU policy. Typical for the presentation of transport policy questions is, for example, to show photographs of citizens demonstrating against traffic in transit through their countries. Symbolic pictures (such as photos of trucks and traffic jams) are also useful in visualizing certain political fields.

Generally this picture-category is dominated by photographs of people. Security, for example, a policy area often discussed in the context of integrating the European Union, is frequently communicated visually through pictures of people apprehended when crossing borders illegally. The EU-European political spheres of "work" and "economy" are often portrayed by showing citizens of the European Union carrying out their work.

Most pictures in this category need a formal framework or alternatively a textual context if one is to connect them unambiguously with some concrete aspect of EU-policy. Despite the fact that they are repeatedly used in reports on EU-policy questions, it cannot be assumed that media consumers automatically associate the pictures in this category with EU-Europe.

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