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Photographs of politicians form the numerically biggest group of presentations that help people to visualize EU-Europe. The reproduction of politicians-portraits has served above all to give visual form to current EU-European political events, and to make visible the players on the EU-European stage, male and female, even if the latter are seldom seen in the picture presented to the public by the media.

Photographs of politicians only occasionally create for their viewers an obvious EU-context. The majority of pictures in this category do not differ from those portraits of politicians that are used in the context of reporting on national politics - both groups serve to personalize politics in that they create pictures of elites who make decisions and get things done. The majority of the pictures in this category are emphatically everyday. Some such portraits however do stand out from the usual ones. Strikingly placed EU-symbols (mainly stars) put the subject of the picture into an EU-European context and make it clear that the scene of the action is the European Union. A striking difference from the everyday photos of politicians is also seen in those pictures that show politicians in informal situations. EU-European summit meetings primarily evoke this kind of picture. Such "special forms" of this category can be called "EU-European icons".

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The Picture Atlas is an outcome of the project ICONCLASH. Collective Icons and Democratic Governance in Europe

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