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Shut out
Shut out
Source: Der Standard, 9 April 2004, p. 2 © APA-IMAGES/epa

Original Caption
"About a third of the approximately 400,000 Roma in Slovakia live in slum conditions as does the woman here with her child in East-Slovakian Trhoviste. Electricity, gas and water have not been available in the ghettos for a long time. The rate of unemployment stands at 100%."

Picture Analysis
In the course of the EU-expansion of 2004, media reports did include photos of "marginalized" EU-Europeans, i.e., people who because of their origins or their social status do not correspond to the classic picture of the EU-European.

This example shows a member of the Roma, an ethnic group who since the EU-expansion of 2004 has become the largest minority in the European Union. Despite grants from Brussels, the social and economic situation of the Roma presents a striking contrast to that of the average EU-citizen.

The picture shown here is a clear contradiction to the picture-motifs that occur much more often showing EU-citizen consumers strolling through shopping streets.

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