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Pictures of citizens of the European Union are frequently used to portray EU-Europe and EU-European topics. Citizens turn out to be picture-worthy in many ways.

Visual communication in this category of pictures takes a variety of forms. The hopes attached to the progress of integration have been visualized primarily through illustrations of anonymous citizens at work, shopping or in their leisure activities; at the same time, the problems attached to European integration by large sections of the public are visually communicated through photographs of marginalized citizens of the European Union.

EU-Europe made an obvious appearance in the "Citizens" picture-category only in the form of visible EU-symbols in the "celebration photos" that marked the expansion of the European Union. In the majority of photographs of citizens, the EU-European dimension was not obvious, neither symbolically nor personally. Nevertheless there are also among the photos in this category pictures that can be called "EU-European icons" because of the frequent repetition of similar motifs. Examples are photographs that show anonymous people sauntering through urban centres. They illustrate what counts generally as the presumed EU-European standard: citizens of the European Union who are enjoying their freedom and their prosperity.

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