Title: 1968 in Austria

1968 in Austria

August: Demonstration of the FÖJ (Free Austrian Youth) at the US Embassy to protest against US bombing of Northern Vietnam.
September: First attempt of the VSM (Union of Socialist Middle school students) to overcome the right majority in the VSStÖ (Union of Austrian Socialist Students).

February: FÖJ demonstration against the military action in Vietnam.
March: Two competing Committees of the federal organisation of the VSStÖ are established.
29th March: Demonstration of the Austrian Resistance Movement against the anti-semitic University Professor Taras Borodajkewycz.
31st March: The Shoah survivor Ernst Kirchweger is killed by a neo-nazi during a manifestation against Professor Borodajkewycz.
27th May: The SPÖ calls  for an arbitrating court to define the relations inside the VSStÖ.
29th November – 3rd December: the Leftists achieve the majority through a ballot vote in the viennese VSStÖ.

6th March: The SPÖ suffers a significant defeat in the national assembly vote.
25th March: First socialist and students´ demonstration against Vietnam military actions
20th April: The ÖVP constitutes under Chancellor Josef Klaus the first solo-government of the post-war era.
17th/18th September: The VSStÖ association day is sharply oriented against the US Politics in Vietnam; the re-ideologization of the SPÖ is openly pursued.

25th January: Quick occupation of the Lecture Hall 1 in the new institution buildings to protest against the prohibition of the Teach-ins on Vietnam by the Academic Senate. Success of the RFS (Union of Liberal Students) and of the VSStÖ at the students´ elections.
30th April: The march of the VSStÖ and the VSM follows the traditional torchlight procession path to the US Embassy (300). First expulsions out of the VSStÖ. „Demonstrations“ – agreement with the SPÖ (rallies in accordance with the party executive).
3rd July: The VSM, that had included the former VSStÖ members, is forced out by the SPÖ Secretary.
3rd October: "Kommune Wien" makes its debut as informal group.
21st/22nd October: The VSStÖ during a 25 hours debate forces the official representation of University students to a decision regarding demonstrations against the education crisis and the increased fees.
29th November: Rumours of the arrest of Rudi Dutschke, German marxist sociologist and political activist, in Berlin. A demonstration is organized at the Embassy of BRD.
Beginning of December: the conflict between VSStÖ and the SPÖ Executive because of the breach of the „demonstration agreements“ lead to a suspension of fundings for VSSTÖ.

January: the VSStÖ renews the Demonstration agreeement with the Party Executive: the suspension of funding is cancelled.
10th February: Police action against an Anti-Shah Demonstration.
13th February: Vietnam demonstrations in front of the America House.
12th April: Demonstration after the assassination of Rudi Dutschke.
23rd Aril: The Members´ meeting of the VSStÖ in Vienna calls for a separation from the SPÖ.
25th April: Demonstration of the Elin workers in front of the main company building; the VSStÖ takes part to the demonstration. Founding of the Action Committees of socialist workers and students.
2th/28th April: The VSStÖ Executive declares its loyalty to the SPÖ.
1st May: Brass music fair. Minister of the Interior Soronics: „No mild response to disorders!“
2nd May: Thirteen Members leave the VSStÖ.
3rd May: Demonstration against the threatened block of the locomotive factory.
16th May: Press conference and Teach-in of the newly founded SÖS (Austrian Socialist Students´ Union).
28th May: Solidarity action for the personnel of the Viennese locomotive factory.
30th May: Students´ demonstration in Vienna. Strikes in the Stubenbastei Gymnasium.
4th June: The Interior Minister issues a prohibition notification against the SÖS Union.
5th June: The employees of the locomotive factory renounce to a strike through a vote.
7th June: Teach-in of the SÖS „Art and Revolution“.
10th June: "Go-in" of the RFS in Aula against the SÖS.
14th June: The SÖS announces on a leaflet its own dissolvement. The students vote their first institute representative (in the Germanistic Institute).
26h June: Disciplinary procedures against fourteen SÖS Activists are initiated.
20th July: Due to the illegal occupation of the disciplinary commission, the procedures against the SÖS members are stopped.
31st July: The process beginns.
22nd August: FÖJ and VDS (Union of Democratic Students) take position agains the Russian entrance in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.
September: Foundation of the FNL (Federation New Left).
1st – 4th October: SPÖ Party Congress. The VSStÖ deposits a reforming set of provision, Kreisky (president since 1967) speaks of „Revolution´s harlequins“.
17th October: Disorders at the inauguration.
11th November: Members of VSStÖ demonstrate in Innsbruck against the armed forces during the Republic Day celebrations.

20th January: Demonstration against the War in Vietnam and the Shah (Persian King).
22nd January: Outcome of the Hochschüler´s vote: CV – Austrian Students´ Union 49%, Aktion 8%, VSStÖ 12%, VDS 1%. The FNL had called for a vote boycott.
Severe incidents at the Anti-Shah Demonstration.
17th February: Kreisky tries to lead the most prominent VSStÖ members to the SPÖ.
31st May: Bed-in of John Lennon and Yoko Ono at the Hotel Sacher.
25th June: The  Autrian Hochschülerschaft demands participation to the headmaster´s election.
28th June: The Central committee meeting of the Hochschülerschaft in Salzburg is broken up by the Leftists.
14th October: Demonstration on the roof of the Raxwerke in Wiener Neustadt.
13th November: American Students demonstrate at the US Embassy.
14th November: Demonstration against the Vietnam war.
December: The New Forum starts a petition against the federal army.

Gekürzte Zeittafel aus: Forum Politische Bildung (Hg.), Wendepunkte und Kontinuitäten, Sonderband der Informationen zur Politischen Bildung, Wien 2008.

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