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Extension to the train

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Orginal Caption
"Gottfried Koegler, the Neumarkt specialist in economics education, took on the topic EU-expansion and put together a media-package for teachers in schools of higher education. This package has a decidedly practical orientation and it works through all the important questions on expansion, trying to make the unwieldy topic exciting and accessible to the pupils. The obligatory dash of wit is provided by the SN-caricaturist, Thomas Wizany who contributed the drawings. This teaching aid, produced by the Study Group Economics and School (AWS) can be ordered under the number 01/5043452."

Picture Analysis
In the Salzburger Nachrichten on 24 April 2004 under the rubric "Das Neue Europa" , p. 7, under the headline "EU in school" a caricature was printed that falls back on the train motif.

In the caricature is a modern locomotive symbolizing the EU 15 on which can be seen a circle of yellow stars, in the middle in yellow script the number "15". And then a wide blue band in the shape of a "Z" or a lightning flash stretches the length of the railcar. An engine driver leaning out of the window wearing a blue cap looks back to the end of the railcar. There a little man can be seen also wearing a blue hat and he has in his hand a green signal board with a white frame. On the rails behind the car is an old wooden railway carriage, representing the 10 entering states of 1 May 2004 - on this car there is a sign with the lettering "+10".

The caricature shows a shunting process in which the modern locomotive is backing up in order to attach itself to the old railway carriage. On a siding that has no visible connection to the line with the railcars stands an antiquated trolley displaying the arms of Turkey and the abbreviation "TK".

On a little tower on the left side of the caricature, the lettering "Kopenh" can be discerned and this clearly suggests Kopenhagen. The station where the shunting is taking place is obviously Copenhagen, the place where, at the EU-summit on 12/13 December 2002, membership negotiations were concluded between the then EU-member states and the then countries seeking entry, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Cyprus.

Furthermore at this European Council in Copenhagen the guidelines to be fulfilled by the future member countries, the so-called Copenhagen criteria, were passed (the stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights and respect for and protection of minorities, a functioning market economy, the adherence to communal rules, standards and policies that represent the totality of EU-law). It was also established that membership negotiations with Rumania and Bulgaria were to be pushed ahead in order to make the entry of these states possible by the year 2007. Dealings with Turkey who was seeking membership were also a topic in Copenhagen: It was resolved that negotiations with Turkey would be taken up if Turkey fulfilled the relevant criteria in December 2004.

Source: Salzburger Nachrichten, 24 April 2004, p. 17 / Caricature: Thomas Wizany

Keywords: Expansion of the European Union, Expansion of the E.U. to the East, European integration, European Union

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