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Here you can find the literature references of our virtual knowledge center. Please note, that on this page we solely offer literature references in English; the German version of our virtual knowledge center contains much more data.


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Teaching the Holocaust and National Socialism. Approaches and Suggestions Fuchs, Eduard / Pingel, Falk / Radkau, Verena (ed.) Studien Verlag. Innsbruck/Wien 2003
Territorial Politics in Europe. A Zero-Sum Game? Kohler-Koch, Beate Badia Fiesolana, San Domenico 1998
The architecture of Red Vienna, 1919-1934 Blau, Eve MIT Press, Cambridge 1999
The Austrian dilemma. An inquiry into national socialism and racism in Austria Feichtlbauer, Hubert Holzhausen, Vienna 2001
The BBC Reports: On America, Its Allies and Enemies and the Counterattack on Terrorism BBC (Ed.) Overlook Press 2002
The Claims of Culture. Equality and Diversity in the Global Era Benhabib, Seyla Princton University Press, Princton 2002
The Cultural Exodus from Austria Stadler, Friedrich / Weibel, Peter (eds.) Second revised and enlarged edition, Sringer, Vienna /New York 1995
The Haider phenomenon in Austria Wodak, Ruth / Pelinka, Anton (eds.) Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick/London 2002
The information bomb Virilio, Paul Verso, London 2000
The road to Brussels: Austria's integration policy, 1955-72 Gehler, Michael Cass, London 2002
The Sexual Contract Pateman, Carol Stanford University Press, Cambridge/Oxford 1988
The State of the World`s Refugees 2000. Fifty Years of Humanitarian Action United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Oxford Uuiversity Press 2000
The Struggle for a Democratic Austria. Bruno Kreisky on Peace and Social Justice Berg, Paul Matthew / Lewis, Jill / Rathkolb, Oliver (eds.) Berghahn Books, New York/Oxford 2000
The Transformation of Governance in the European Union Kohler-Koch, Beate / Eising, Rainer (Hg.) Routledge, London, 1999
The Use of Information and Communication Technologies by Members of Parliament in Europe Cardoso, Gustavo / Coleman, Stephen / Filzmaier, Peter / Hoff, Jens (Hg.) Special Issue of Information Policy (formerly Information Infrastructure and Policy): An International Journal of Government and Democracy in the Information Age, Tilburg 2004
The Various Faces of Reality. Values in news (Agency) Journalism APA - Austria Presse Agentur (ed.) Studien Verlag. Innsbruck/Wien 2003
The Visual Culture Reader Mirzoeff, Nicholas (Hg.) 2. Aufl., Routlage, London/New York 2002
Towards a European constitution. A historical and political comparison with the United States Gehler, Michael (Hg.) Böhlau Verlag, Wien/Köln/München/Bozen, 2005
Towards a European nationality. Citizenship, immigration and nationality law in the EU Hansen, Randall (Hg.) Palgrave, Basingstoke 2001
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