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Here you can find the literature references of our virtual knowledge center. Please note, that on this page we solely offer literature references in English; the German version of our virtual knowledge center contains much more data.


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Racism at the Top. Parlamentary Discourses and Ethnic Issues in 6 European States Wodak, Ruth / van Dijk, Teun A. (Hg.) Forschungsberichte des Forschungsschwerpunkts Fremdenfeindlichkeit, Band 2, Reihe des bm:bwk. Drava Verlag, Klagenfurt 2000
Reading Images. The Grammer of Visual Design Kress, Gunter / Van Leeuwen, Theo Routledge, London 1996
Reclaiming Heimat. Trauma and Mourning in memoirs by Jewish Austrian Reémigrés Vasant, Jacqueline Wayne State University Press, Detroit 2000
Red Vienna. Experiment in working-class culture 1919-1934 Gruber, Helmut Oxford University Press, New York 1991
Refugee Studies and Politics. Human Dimensions and Research Perspectives Binder, Susanne / Tosic, Jelena Wiener Universitätsverlag (WUV), Wien 2002
Reproduction Policies at the Turn of the 21st Century. The Case of Finland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Austria, and the US Mesner, Maria / Niederkofler, Heidi / Wolfgruber, Gudrun (Eds.) Studien Verlag, Innsbruck/Wien/München/Bozen 2005
Revisiting the National Socialist Legacy. Coming to Terms with Forced Labor, Expropriation, Compensation and Restitution Rathkolb, Oliver (ed.) Bruno Kreisky International Studies 3, Studien-Verlag, Innsbruck/Wien (Vienna) 2002
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