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Here you can find the literature references of our virtual knowledge center. Please note, that on this page we solely offer literature references in English; the German version of our virtual knowledge center contains much more data.


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Parliamentary Party Groups in European Democracies. Political Parties Behind Closed Doors Heidar, Knut / Koole, Ruud (eds.) Routledge, London 1999
Picture Theory. Essays on Verbal and Visual Representation Mitchell, W. J. Thomas University of Chicago Press, Chicago 1994.
Political protest and cultural revolution. Nonviolent direct action in the 1970s and 1980s Epstein, Barbara Univ. of California Press, Berkeley/California 1991
Populism, proporz, pariah. Austria turns right, Austrian political change, its causes and repercussions Heinisch, Reinhard Scienca Nova, New York 2002
Protecting minorities in the future Europe. Between political interest and international law Adrian Năstase Regia Autonomă Monitorul Oficial, Bucuresti 2002
Public Sector Information in the Digital Age. Between Markets, Public Management and Citizens' Rights Aichholzer Georg / Burkert; Herbert (eds.) Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham/UK, and Northampton, MA/USA 2004
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