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Austrian Migration und Integration Report 2003: Summary

Author / Editor:

Fassmann, Heinz / Stacher, Irene


The abstract summarises the results of the first Austrian migration and integration report: Austria has become a country of immigration, there are many different groups of immigrants, immigrants are more endangered of becoming impoverished than Austrians, there is a polarisation in the educational system and a segragation in the labour market and the housing sector, female immigrants are much more exposed to the different cultural worlds than men are (and are forced into various roles by the dominating society), the physical condition of immigrants is often worse than the one of Austrians because they often perform difficult physical or strenuous work, the 1990s led to higher complexity of the regulating mechanisms and to a de-escalation in the discussion on crimimnal offences of foreigners, there are changes in the field of xenophobia.


Available in bookshops, published by Drava Verlag, Klagenfurt/Celovec 2003



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