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Symbolic actions or effective endeavours?


The EU's activities to promote democracy in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus

Author / Editor:

Guggenberger, G√ľnther


The introduction of the article gives a short outline of the development of the EU?s democracy promotion policy, and the article itself presents a theoretical model which explains the transition from an authoritarian to a democratic system. The model serves as aid to point out which internal and external conditions are favourable for such a process. The article continues by giving a description of today?s most important features of the political systems of Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus and their developments since 1991. It is against this background that the author describes the means by which the European Union has been supporting democratisation and consolidation. In conclusion, it is pointed out that the EU together with the Council of Europe and the OSCE have had positive effects on overall stabilisation, the building of democratic institutions and first signs of consolidation of democracy in Ukraine and Moldova. The EU was not, however, able to impede a development towards authoritarianism in Belarus. Finally, shortcomings and perspectives in the EU?s democracy promotion-strategy are discussed.


in: Grigaliunaité, Jolanta/Liekis, Sarunas et al., European Union and its New Neighborhood: Addressing Challenges and Opportunities. Vilnius, 2006, pp. 87 ? 119



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