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Sponsors / Partners / Collaborations

The Democracy Centre functions as a virtual knowledge centre at the interface between institutions that produce knowledge (universities etc.) and a broad public that goes beyond the scientific community. It creates and connects interdisciplinary networks through collaborative projects and events, the substance of whose outcomes feed into the virtual knowledge centre.

Financial Sponsors

City of Vienna, Department of Culture - Promotion of Science and Research

Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy


Ministry of Education and Women's Affairs

Adult Education

Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs



National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism

Permanent Partners

The Democracy Centre Vienna is part of the consortium that operates the newly founded Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for European History and Public Spheres. Its partners include the University of Giessen, the Europa Institute, Basel, the University of Zürich and the Europa University, Florence. Through this innovative, multimedia research institute, central European themes of the 20th and 21st centuries will be opened up to a broad public.

The Forum Politische Bildung (Forum Political Education) is the publisher of "Informationen zur Politischen Bildung" (Information on Political Education), a bi-annual series with thematic emphases to help teachers in conveying their subject and putting into practice the instructional principle of Political Education. Under the rubric "Project Exchange", the website offers examples of instruction and project ideas for school practice that were developed in the Forum Political Education.

The Austrian Parliament has since 2002 regularly published a series, now under the new name Parlament Transparent. In it the attempt is made to present the work of the parliament in all its complexity. The Parliament website] provides, under the rubric "Service and Contact", a virtual reading room in which all these publications are retrievable online. Parlamentskorrespondenz (the correspondence of parliament) further provides current reports on what is happening in parliament (to be found under the menu "Aktuelles" [Current Affairs] - "Pressedienst" [Press-Service]). The Citizens' Service Telephone (0810 - 312 560) is available to all citizens, as is the Citizens' Service: Questions by Email.



Project-related collaboration Was/is also in place with


Filmarchiv Austria (Austrian Film Archive)



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