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The Democracy Centre Vienna is an academic non-profit organization, strongly oriented to applying and conveying knowledge. It is an academic research institution and a virtual knowledge centre which deals with basic questions of political culture and of the political system of Austria in the European context; it is concerned with the processes of democratization and their historical development, with current sociopolitical debates, with the media society (emphasizing the competent use of media and the decoding of visual messages) as well as with IT-transformation and the knowledge society.

Our Knowledge Gateway is organized under Topics, Projects, Events, Knowledge and Education, and it contains, in time-honoured tradition, a comprehensive supply of knowledge for various target groups, adapted to various user-needs.

Under Topics we examine debates of current interest; for example, we traced significant lines of argumentation in the "Caricature Dispute" and used this dispute as an opportunity to present information on the historical development of human and basic rights. This led us to consider, for example, reactions to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

Another of our modules deals with campaign posters for elections to the National Council in the Second Republic of Austria (Political Picture-Strategies).

Under Europe, we provide information about the on-going expansion process, about current topics in public debate, as well as a detailed picture module on the ways in which Europe is presented to the public in visual images (Picture Atlas EUrope)

Also online is information on the Projects and Events of the Democracy Centre and the outcomes of these, along with a calendar of events (Blackboard), which draws attention to other interesting events dealing with our topics.

Under Knowledge the entire content of the virtual Knowledge Centre is made available, structured according to individual categories of knowledge. On the one hand, we offer knowledge stations which bring together the various components of knowledge under one topic heading, with everything from basic information to in-depth knowledge. On the other hand, we also present the various knowledge components individually (articles, lexicon, picture, audios, videos, references to literature and links).

In the module Education, we provide information on education in democracy, politics, history and the media. This module addresses professional practitioners in the field of school and education, but also all politically interested people.

Our Knowledge Gateway is accessible in German and in English. The English language version of our offerings under Topics, Projects, Knowledge and Education will be provided step by step.

Picture Atlas EUrope

Images of Europe

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